THE 161 C

Very U shape cup for a round sound

THE 161 D

Soft and delicate sound, easy to play !

THE 161 TR

A sweet and gentle sound with delicate and precise articulation

THE 163 C

A very soft mouthpiece for studying.

THE 163 D

Deep throat position / Free blowing

THE 163 E

All round mouthpiece with U shape cup !

THE 163 F

Lead mouthpiece, accessible and comfortable !

THE 165 A

The English cornet sound gentle & round !

THE 165 B

A gentle sound in the middle register with a bright high register.

THE 167 A

A mouthpiece with a large and opened sound !

THE 167 C

A mouthpiece for concert band and brass band !

THE 167 D

An easy-to-play mouthpiece for those who master their instrument!

THE 168 D

A mouthpiece that offers precision !