Unique and made in France

Hidden away in the heart of the French Alps, Dimitri Donat dreams up trumpet, cornet & flugelhorn mouthpieces that he then makes in is workshop.
Designed and intended for musicians of all levels, Donat mouthpieces are always of the highest quality and authenticity. Designed for playability, they bring comfort and precision for a rich and warm sound.

Music, Craft & Technology

Values ​​of quality and authenticity

Unique pieces

Made in France

Skill and expertise passed down through three generations

Art and Technique using one to perfect the other

Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Cornet and Trombone

Tailored mouthpieces, absolute references

Putting all your heart and soul into your trade to make it an art, that’s the craft and that’s how the workshop Donat conceives and manufactures its mouthpieces for trumpet, cornet, flugelhorn, french horn, euphonium or trombone.

For the whole family of wind instruments, the mouthpiece is the key piece. It will be chosen according to the repertoire, the level and the style you are looking for.
Adapting your mouthpiece is a simple and effective way of improving your playing without changing your instrument.

Each model is the result of a long study. No existing form has been copied.

What makes the difference compared to other manufacturers of brass instrument mouthpieces is that Dimitri is a bar turner but also a trumpet player who combines work and passion.
Because of his presence in the music world, his address book filled up very quickly. Erik Truffaz, Ambrose Akinmusire, Nicolas Pardo but also Ibrahim Maalouf gave him valuable advice.

Unique pieces, tailored, made with great care with a clear objective: constantly improve the concept and meet the expectations of artists.

The Workshop

A breathtaking history

Putting all your heart and soul into your trade to make it an art, this is how Atelier Donat defines craftsmanship. René Donat, the founder of this workshop, led his life this way.



6 families of instruments


According to the repertoire, the level and style sought

The choice of a mouthpiece is very important and quite delicate. You can improve your playing skills and abilities, your sound and your attacks by choosing a good mouthpiece combination: rim, cup shape, backbore, blank and plating.