Technically flawless for musicians of all levels

The key piece of the instrument, the mouthpiece will be selected according to the repertoire, the level and the style you are looking for.
For a trumpet player, finding the perfect mouthpiece can be the story of a lifetime.

As a royal instrument, the trumpet has always had its place in the heart of music, it took its acclaim thanks to the French trumpet player Maurice André while Louis Armstrong emancipated the black American people through jazz. Predominant in Europe and the United States, the piston trumpet is less widespread than the rotary trumpet in countries such as Germany, Austria and other Eastern countries.

A constantly evolving range

For the Atelier Donat the trumpet must be versatile, whether for concert players, soloists, jazzmen or amateurs, which is why Dimitri has designed mouthpieces with musicians of all levels.

Defined by throat, cup, backbore and blank, it must be technically flawless while offering comfort, precison and endurance. Each sound parameter follows from a specific part of the mouthpiece, the cup for the volume, the throat for the timbre, the backbore for the projection and the general shape of the sound, the inner rim for the precision, the rim for the touch and the tipping point of the cup for the sound target.
The Donat range is constantly evolving to meet the needs of the modern instrumentalist.

For the trumpet 6 blanks available:

  • Classic
  • Massive
  • Light
  • Xylem (Jazz)
  • Short shank 77mm
  • Heavy

The blank is associated to a cup according the lips size, the level and the style sought.

Available in 24K gold plated, silver plated or raw brass.


A full range of

mouthpieces for trumpets

The Donat standards for the trumpet have very open backbore, symphonic type. Its naturally increase the tone to the tuner. A work on cup depth was done to restore the sound accuracy.

The Donat standard is a mouthpiece with a total length similar to Bach with a larger throat and more open backbore.

The rim is widened and rounded for greater contact area on the lips and greater endurance.

The inner rim shape of Atelier Donat provides flexibility and comfort to allow the musician to secure his tonguing.

The work on the cup was done in collaboration with musicians from all walks of life.
The result is easy-to-play models, a full range tailored to suit everyone’s needs

Good to know

Atelier Donat also offers heavy models with short shank.
Their large mass imposes a larger throat # 23
An adjustment of the throat by drilling will increase its length and will give a pale sound. Suitable backbores have been designed to preserve it.

See all models
Cup Description
171 C Depth : 8.6mm
A powerful and colored sound A cup diameter Slightly smaller than 1-1/4c, larger rim with deeper and more rounded cup
171 C-P Depth : 8.3
A fine rim with a slightly V cup - Sparkle sound
Gunn Fu 1 Depth : 8.3
Design for the Great Russell Gunn – small group, improvisation situation – cup size 170, compare to a Bach 1-1/2C with a slightly shallow cup while keeping a dark side.
Gunn Fu #2 Depth : V cup
GunnFu#1 with slightlt V cup - Brightens the tone, sound really good in horn section For big band/section/studio type work
170 B Depth : 9.4
Deep and round cup - Very warm sound
170 C Depth : 8.7
Very balanced – a thin touch. On "massive" blank it provides a sound in the spirit of the flugelhorn. On "light" blank will be recommended for the classic.
170 F Depth : 5.7
Rashawn Ross cup – also available in 169 size
169 C Depth : 8.6
A rounded cup for a classic sound. For the amateur and the professional alike. This mouthpiece research the sound but not the power. A 3C cup diameter, with deeper and more rounded shape A wider and comfortable rim.
169 C-H Depth : 7.1
Slightly larger and shallower than 3c with larger rim, this fast diving cup let space for the lips.
169 C-J Depth : 7.6
Big Band
169 C3 Depth : 7.0
A 3C really easy and comfortable
169 E Depth : 6.8
Lead / section
168 D Depth : 7.8
Shallow cup, perfect for shows, Big Band and parades. New Orleans sound on the light Version
Touvron Depth : 8.1
A Round sound for the classical musician, easy to play especially in the high register - A 167C – recommended for the soloist who need to be serene while playing high scores.
Touvron Depth : 7.0
Draw for the young Audrey, a Touvron slighetly shallow, perfect for young musicians
Truffaz Depth : V cup
Medium deep V cup, For those who already have a wide sound and want to model it - cup size 167
167 C Cornet Depth : 10
Cornet’s cup on trumpet blank.
165 E Depth : 6.5
Shallow U cup / versatile mouthpiece
165 F Depth : 5.4
Shallow cup for salsa, commercial gigs
165 FL Depth : 12.4
LeLoil signature, Throat #16, Flugelhorn cup - recommanded on Light blank
163 C Depth : 7.9
Round cup, easy and comfortable
163 D Depth : 7.5
Round cup with a lower throat position (deep throat system) for encrease free blowing and cup volume
163 E Depth : 6.5
Can be used in all kind of situations without think to the endurance, very versatile
163 F Depth : 5.8
The U shape Lead allows to keep your sound in the middle register.
163 SCREAM Depth : 5.8
The most shallow cup we ever draw. Extra for long gigs - Throat #28
161 C Depth : 7.9
Very Round cup associated to a small cup size
161 D Depth : slightly V cup
A hybrid of the Truffaz and 161F models. Gentle and delicate classical sound, very easy to play, yet powerful as well. Great for young students as well as people looking for a smaller diameter mouthpiece that can be used in a classical setting.
161 F Depth : 5.8
Very shallow cup. Rim with a large contact area