Piccolo trumpet / Soprano cornet

Two different instruments A similar mouthpiece

From the brass family the piccolo trumpet measures sixty four centimeters.

A piccolo trumpet has a fourth piston that allows obtaining low notes. Short versions are the most recommended for sound quality and projection.

The smallest of the orchestra’s trumpets can play an octave more than the trumpet and produce a sharp, piercing sound. Generally used in military fanfares and as a soloist in orchestras.

The piccolo trumpet in B flat was invented in the middle of the last century for the interpretation of high register scores.

This instrument, magnified by Maurice André, is classified as aerophone because the sound is produced by the vibration of the air column.
We can buy models in D that have a more circular shape.


A complete family

mouthpieces for piccolo trumpet / Soprano cornet

One common blank for piccolo trumpet & Soprano Cornet.

Available with cornet shank 8.75mm

  • 24k gold plated
  • Silver
  • Raw brass

Piccolo trumpet mouthpiece must be above all comfortable. The major disavantage of shallow cups is that the low register can be insignificant. Donat positions the throat closer to the shank, that allow to keep volume on all the register with loosing endurance.

The “Atelier Donat” turns specific mouthpieces, tailor-made, for all the artists who want an exeptional sound. All made on CNC last generation for excellent precision and coaxiality.

Good to know

Donat Piccolo trumpet mouthpiece blank is available with trumpet mouthpiece shank or cornet mouthpiece shank.

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Cup Description
165 D Depth : 7.1mm
Created for Brandon Ridenour who wanted something to play the Brandenburg effortlessly. Roundness in the high register
167 D Depth : 7.8
Created fot Nicolas Pardo for playing his scores at the "Orchestre du Capitole de Toulouse"
171 D Depth : 8.0
Designed for David Mercier who wanted an ultra-precise attack and a very comfortable rim. IGreat for Eb cornet.