French Horn and Saxhorn

A unique mouthpiece For musicians of all levels

The centerpiece of the instrument, the mouthpiece will be chosen according to the repertoire, level and style sought.
For a musician, the search for the perfect mouthpiece can be the story of a lifetime …
But since life is short (!!) we have chosen at Atelier Donat to help each musician as best as possible in his research.
You will find in the downloadable document all the clear and precise information to choose your ideal model.


Available in 24K gold plated or silver plated.


The Donat catalog is the culmination of  collaboration with musicians of all levels and from all backgrounds.

Defined in terms of rim, throat, backbore and cup, the mouthpiece must be technically flawless while offering comfort and endurance.

You will find our models in the downloadable catalog or on our online store.

The online store offers you models adapted to your repertoire and your level according to the filters selected.


The Atelier Donat produces mouthpieces with their own unique personality.
The models offered are not copies.
The downloadable equivalence table simply gives an indication of the size.



French horn cups are combined with a relatively light blank to maintain the necessary tone.

Those for saxhorn have a slightly heavier blank to obtain a certain core of sound.

Available in 24 carat gold plated or silver plated .

Good to know

The saxhorn is called “ALTO HORN” in the USA (Bach / Yamaha), “TENOR HORN” in the Anglo-Saxon countries (Alliance / Denis Wick), “ALTHORN” or “Eb Horn” in Germany.
It is called “Pichotte” in France.
We will use the term “Saxhorn” to avoid confusion.

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Cup Description
170 Depth : 17mm | Throat : 4.5mm
Small cup, medium rim, designed for beginners
172 Depth : 19 | Throat : 4.7
A medium rim, an easy to play cup from amateur to professional
176 Depth : 19 | Throat : 4.5
A narrow rim, a voluminous cup
178 Depth : 16 | Throat : 5.1
A very easy mouthpiece For the cornet player who must switch to the saxhorn
186 Depth : 21 | Throat : 5.2
Versatile mouthpiece with a certain depth
189 Depth : 20 | Throat : 5.3
Mouthpiece for full sound
191 Depth : 17.5 | Throat : 5.7
Combined with a large throat, great freedom of play