A unique mouthpiece For musicians of all levels

The flugelhorn  has conical bore that’s made it one of the saxhorn family.

It can be called soprano saxhorn.

Available in 24K gold plated, silver plated or raw brass.

2 blanks available

  • Classical
  • Short shank

Differents shanks according to the manufacturer

The different types of cones

Even if the instrument makers adopted a common standard for the receiver, the diameter and the conicity of the receiver vary from one manufacturer to another for the flugelhorn.

There exist 4 principal cone types of hafting:

  • The Couesnon Flugelhorn mouthpiece shank (cylindrical)
    Engraved : « French Shank »
  • The standard Flugelhorn mouthpiece shank (large Morse taper)
    Engraved: « Standard Shank »
    Adopted by Yamaha, Getzen, Benge, Blessing, Holton, Callet, Zeus and others American manufacturers.
  • The Bach Flugelhorn mouthpiece shank (small Morse taper)
    Engraved: « Bach Shank »
    Adopted by Bach, Courtois, Selmer, Besson, new Couesnon, Leblanc and others European manufacturers.
  • Trumpet shanked Flugelhorn (exceedingly rare)
    Engraved: « Trumpet Shank »
  • “French” shank available only at the workshop. The diameter of the receiver can vary from the manufacturer, the receiver can wear out, So I must be in the presence of your flugelhorn for a perfect fit.

Good to know

The Medium Flugelhorn mouthpiece shank (medium Morse taper)
Adaptable on all modern flugelhorn, a shank half away between “Standard” & “Bach” shank

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163α Deph : 12.3mm | Throat : #19
Small V cup, easy to play
165α Deph : 13.7 | Throat : #17
Jazz Flugelhorn piece, round sound, good articulation & projection, also suited for 1st parts in wind band, medium deep cup
168α Deph : 17.5 | Throat : #17
A 165 Alpha, on 168 size, with a more rounded and deeper cup that will give some power and darker sound, good all-round mouthpiece, deep cup
170α Deph : 17.3 | Throat : #13
Very dark sound, but still with core, precise articulation & projection, very deep cup
ALPHA2 throat #10
Similar to 165α, but with wider rim and very large throat, with a darker and wider spreading sound
Very deep cup and very large throat for a dark and wide sound
Similar to 170α, but with wider rim and very large throat, with a darker and wider spreading sound. A bit less dark and more open than 168α2
TONE RING throat #17
A sweet and gentle sound with delicate and precise articulation, easy to play
Very deep cup, rich sound, great allround mouthpiece
Big sound, mostly low and mid frequencies
Similar to 165TR with even bigger sound
161TR in 169 size