Adaptable mouthpieces for musicians of all levels

It’s name means little horn.  The cornet finds its place in the brass band. Highly appreciated for its warm tone, it is widely used in England, the birthplace of the Brass Band culture. Its conical branch is its main asset differentiating it from the trumpet. The mouthpieces for the cornet are usually deeper, B Bach type with a V shape close to the one of the French Horn.

The cornet mouthpiece shank is shorter than the trumpet one , it is first studied for an overall sound for Brass Band players.

For the Cornet 3 blanks available :

  • Massive
  • Classic
  • Short shank

Once the blank chosen, a cup is associated

Available in 24K gold plated, silver plated or raw brass.


A complete family

of mouthpieces for cornets

Fits most cornets, including Besson, Yamaha, York, Geneva, Adams, Getzen, Olds, Kanstul.

The workshop Donat manufactures specific mouthpieces, tailor-made, for all the artists who want an exceptional sound.

Designing and manufacturing the mouthpiece of your dreams is our leitmotif. As a musician, you know better than anyone the type of sound you want.

Produced using the latest manufacturing technologies, our mouthpieces offer excellent precision, attack, control and playability.

They have an ideal weight. There is a Donat mouthpiece that suits every musician.

Good to know

“Massive” blank is 25% heavier than the « “classic”  blank.
Length 59mm to optimize the ratio length/weight

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Cup Description
163 A Depth : 13.6mm | Throat #17
A deep cup, similar shape as 170, but on a small size, providing a pleasant combination of clarity and richness of sound
163 B Depth : 12 | Throat #18
More clarity than 163A, very easy to play, great for children to start
165 A Depth : 13.2 | Throat #17
Round & sweet English cornet sound, comfortable & easy to play, good for solo cornet parts & soloists – deep cup
165 B Depth : 12.0 | Throat #19
In between 165A and 165C2, gentle sound, good for soloists
165 C Depth : 9.4 | Throat #19
Clear sound, easy to play, suitable for soprano cornet with free blowing and bigger sound (Deep throat concept)
165 D Depth : 8.8 | Throat #18
Similar to 168C, but with wider rim and slightly smaller throat. Designed for soprano cornet. Rich sound with precise articulation
167 A Depth : 13 | Throat #17
Like 165 A with a bit more open & bigger sound – deep cup
167 B Depth : 11.4 | Throat #17
Slightly more shallow than 167 A, with a different cup & throat design, giving a bit more clarity of sound and a little more directness, while still being round – deep cup
167 B2 Depth : 11 | Throat #18
In between 167B and 167C, but closer in sound and feel to 167B. Gentle sound
167 B3 Depth : 10.8 | Throat #19
In between 167B and 167C, but closer in sound and feel to 167C. More power and direct than 167B2
167 C Depth : 10 | Throat #17
Touvron (trumpet) rim, rich but more bright & clear cornet sound, easy high register, good to blend with trumpets, suitable for wind band, orchestral playing and soprano cornet – medium cup
168 A Depth : 14.5 | Throat #17
165 A on a 168 size with more rounded and deeper cup that will give power and darkness. A rich sound for stronger soloists, powerful for 2nd & 3rd cornet parts – deep cup
168 B Depth : 12.3 | Throat #19
Lighter sound than 168 A, but still warm and round, suitable for soloists and solo cornet players who want something easier to play – medium deep cup
168 C Depth : 10.3 | Throat #17
hybrid of 168D and 168B, suited for orchestral playing and stronger soprano players, slightly deeper and more V cup than 167C – medium V cup
168 D Depth : 9.0 | Throat #17
Truffaz (trumpet) cup on 168 diameter, crisp and precise articulation, suited for jazz and soprano cornet – medium shallow cup
170 Depth : 17.3 | Throat #16
170 α flugelhorn cup on cornet blank, very dark sound, good for 3rd cornet parts, soft playing, strong soloists – very deep cup
170 A Depth : 14.0 | Throat #17
Wider and more open sound than 168 A, but a little less dark, powerful for 2nd & 3rd cornet parts – deep cup
170 B Depth : 11 | Throat #17
Like 170 A but with a more shallow cup, more clarity of sound, brighter than 168 B, good for soloists and orchestral playing – medium deep cup
170 B3 Depth : 15.7 | Throat #19
Deep V cup with slightly smaller throat, giving more clarity and precision. True cornet sound, great for soloists
TONE RING throat #16
A sweet and gentle sound with delicate and precise articulation, easy to play
Big sound, mostly low and mid frequencies. For stronger players
Our mist voluminous cup. Perfect for 2nd & 3rd cornets