THE 163 C

From 5,00

A very soft mouthpiece for studying.


“A very soft mouthpiece for studying. Its slightly deep rounded bowl brings roundness to the sound


The real + : The easiness !


• Trumpet mouthpiece

• Diameter : 16,3mm

• Cup depth : C / Medium

• Cup shape : U

• From beginner to intermediate level

• Repertoire : Study / Classical





Watch the video


Do not hesitate to send us a video when you play this mouthpiece at:

For the video: Make a close-up on the mouthpiece at the beginning or at the end of the video / You can, if you wish, make a small comment on the mouthpiece

You will then be part of the family 🙂


Excellent mouthpiece incredible ease on all the register, versatile and impressive comfort !!! model ideally suited to mainstream music and ball musicians … ” Constant Dutrieux – 163C – Classic blank



I was able to test for about an hour by systematically switching from Bach to 163C on all types of playing:


  1. Surgical precision of attacks
  2. 5-star comfort
  3. Presence of more “fat” in the sound, confirmed by Maxime who listened to me religiously-


So I bought a 163C Classic. What happiness, a very big thank you for your achievements. So there is a “before” and an “after” Mouthpieces Atelier Donat – Alain De Boeck – 163C classic – 2021dec


I want to say CONGRATULATIONS! Your work is remarkable, without words, because many musicians thanks to you have it….

on the tip of the lips.

David Dermaux – 163D classic


Please feel free to send us your comments when playing this mouthpiece at:

It is the feelings of the musicians that describe the mouthpieces in the best way.

A very big thank you in advance!

Blank / Plating

-Classic- blank      

•  Standard blank

• Total lenght : 87,4mm (standard blank)

• Total weight : about 95g

• Throat #25

-Massive- blank

• Total lenght : 80,4mm

• Short shank → Better pressure lips control → More endurance

• Total weight : about 110g

• Throat #23

“For my part, I love this blank” D. DONAT

-Light- blank

• Total lenght : 80,4mm

• Short shank → Better pressure lips control → More endurance

• Total weight : about 85g

• Throat #25

-Tulip- blank

• Total lenght : 80.4mm

• Short shank → Better pressure lips control → More endurance

• Total weight : about 115g

• Throat #25

-Heavy- blank

• Total lenght : 80,4mm

• Heavy blank → drakened the sound

• Total weight : about 175g

• Throat #23

Silver plating

Silver plating provides a soft and smooth feeling on the lips.

It’s a 20 µm silver plating. This large thickness offers a high quality that is resistant over time. 

Gold plating

Soft and warm feeling on the lips – very good heat conduction.

We have chosen to offer an “excellent” plating in pure gold 24K. Gold is the only alloy that does not oxidize over time.

Shipping Time

→ If the chosen mouthpiece appears to be “in stock” (as in the image opposite), it will be shipped to you between 1 and 3 working days following your order.

→If the chosen mouthpiece does not appear to be “in stock” (as in the image opposite), it will take an average of 4 weeks.

When the mouthpiece is not in stock, we will make it for you in our workshop within 2-3 working days of your order.

It will then be sent to our silversmith – aurifier. Upon receipt of this, its deadline for carrying out its tackle varies between 10 and 15 days. We chose to collaborate with this plater for the very high quality of his work. Like us, he works each piece by hand (polishing / plating / brightening). After his work, he sends the mouthpiece back to us and we in turn send it to you. For this finest of work and for all these short back and forth, it takes an average of 4 weeks between ordering and expedition.

“Custom” mouthpiece

Association “cup/blank” not offered on the online store or “-design- your mouthpiece” : postage 6 weeks after order

Deadline for sending “Try at home” mouthpieces

For “try at home” parcel: shipping within ten working days.

*Raw brass for loan to try


Select the mouthpieces(s) that you wish to try and choose the plating – raw brass for loan to try brass –

3 mouthpieces maximum (beyond the order cannot be validated)


Pay and confirm your order. / Loan: €5 per mouthpiece.


Following your order, you will very quickly receive the test mouthpieces at home. You can – feel – ♥  them

and ring them for 10 days.


After 10 days, return the package of test mouthpieces by sticking the pre-paid return label that will have been provided to you. That’s it !

* Available in almost every country in the world !
If the test is not available in your country, after entering your address, you will not be offered a delivery method  🙁 sorry